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Various betting techniques to be adapted by punters in 2020

Any professional bettor will vouch for the fact that, winning bets is more than just being purely lucky. Following the right techniques and betting strategies play an instrumental role in ensuring success or failure in betting. This is the reason why experienced players enjoy better success rate as compared to amateur ones when it comes to ensuring a constant winning spree in betting on games and sports.

Betting Techniques

Although players, especially first timers, manage to attract the lady luck by winning a few betting hands, most experienced betting pros will endorse about following a systematic betting patterns and techniques for winning on long term basis. The following article will help in highlight as to what factors and techniques players would need to follow in the ongoing year for ensuring a good betting yield and earning decent profit. Different techniques need to be followed and practiced for betting on different games.

Martingale strategy

Progressive Betting Strategy

The above mentioned betting technique, which is considered as a progressive betting strategy, involves covering of losses by doubling of the stakes on your next bet. For example, one should keep on doubling the amount while wagering on next bet, so as to cover the previous losses apart from making some profit. Most of the betting system reviews have termed Martingale strategy as one of the best seen in the world. As betting is a matter of winning and losing, it will be just a matter of time for you to hit the jackpot, by winning big time post losing a few rounds. However, on the flip side, Martingale strategy would require the players to invest a substantial amount of money, before they hit pay dirt.

Fibonacci strategy

Fibonacci Betting Techniques

This strategy which involves a system of numbers has been adapted mathematicians for quite some time now be that for subjects related to hurricanes or galaxies. And, most of the times, applying Fibonacci techniques in betting helps the players in reducing the risks of losing and boosting their winning chances. A Fibonacci sequence involves numbers like 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 and 34. For example, any player losing a bet of $1 in his first attempt would raise his stake to $2 in his next bet. The technique is based on adding the two preceding numbers together.

Fixed wager betting

Fixed wager betting

Apart from the above mentioned ones, fixed ager betting is one of the most commonly adapted techniques, by the bettors. In this technique the bettor keeps on betting the same amount time and again, irrespective of whether he is winning or losing, thereby reducing the risk of blowing away his entire stake. However, fixed wager betting may not be compatible for each and every bettor, depending on his requirements.

Low percentage bankroll betting

Wagering Budget

As suggested by the name, this betting technique requires the players to bet a specific amount or percentage of their wagering budget, keeping in mind the winning odds.

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